Friday, April 22, 2011

Writers Graves

The photo banner of this blog, which will be returning in full force soon, is the statue of Joyce siting over his grave. Here are a few grave photos.
Leo Tolstoy's grave at Yasnaya Polyana, Tula, 2006 
(Photo by me, free to be used for any purpose :)

 Ezra Pound at JJ's grave
Peter Orlovsky at JJ's grave

Here's some fun quotes:

  Hillsengals, the daughters of the cliffs, responsen. Longsome the samphire coast. From thee to thee, thoo art it thoo, that thouest there. The like the near, the liker nearer. O sosay! A family, a band, a school, a clanagirls. Fiftines andbut fortines by novanas andor vantads by octettes ayand decadendecads by a lunary with last a lone. Whose every has herdifferent from the similies with her site. Sicut campanulae petalliferentes they coroll in caroll round Botany Bay. A dweam of dose innocent dirly dirls. Keavn! Keavn! And they all setton voicies about singsing music was Keavn! He. Only he. Ittle he. Ah! The whole clangalied. Oh!


Is this space of our couple of hours too dimensional for you, temporiser?

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Andressa C. said...

happy birthday to him!