Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grief Point?

Welcome to the Grief Point Elementary School website! We hope you find our site helpful, as you and your children interact with our school community.

The intent of this site is to provide you with an overview of the school, its goals and its culture, as well as contact and resource information for parents, students and staff, supplemented with the latest news from around the school.

Grief Point Elementary School strives to achieve a safe and caring environment where all students can be successful and where students, parents and staff members work collaboratively for the benefit of children.

Children of all abilities are integrated into their peer group classrooms with modifications made to the curriculum to ensure that all students participate to the best of their ability. Children are encouraged to work together cooperatively, while the Second Step Social Skills program attempts to teach conflict resolution skills from kindergarten through grade five.

The staff looks forward to working with students and parents to make your child's year a successful one. We encourage parents to be involved in our school environment.

Mr. B. Bailey

6960 Quesnel Street
Powell River, B.C., Canada V8A 1J2

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