Sunday, September 13, 2009

dan bejar

I'm obsessing over a small argument with the stage manager at Columbia University's Miller Theater last night. It was right after what was billed as Destroyer, Loscil, JACK quartet, as part of Wordless Music Festival. Really it was Loscil (feat. Destroyer), JACK etc. Bejar only sang three songs, but he also did spoken-word to one Loscil song, Grief Point.

So at the end of the concert, I was standing by the stage and when the house manager approached I asked if I could get the computer print-outs of words that Bejar left on the stage. She didn't even look at the stage to ask what I was talking about, I just got this like almost-frightening No, and I just gave up, lamely. Lot of tension in that moment. Could have been a huge confrontation.

But now I'm really about to kill myself for not putting up any argument. Public Has a Right to Know, trying something like 'I work for Pitch Fork Media Magazine!', or just like hopping up there rowdily, grabbing the shit and bolting. Would like to have gotten a copy of those words and I don't think Dan would care. It also almost seemed like he had just written it two hours before the show for the performance. I recall some lines, like 'This is the noise I make while living, you don't have to listen to it.' then, 'I used to think it was all for historical records, but that was wrong, wrong.' 'English people in the mediterranean, which, by the way are the worst kind of people.' 'Grief point led me to May Day. The secret of Grief Point and May Day is...' Oh well, at least I got to see it once.

Overall, Loscil was really good. He's cool and I like Loscil's Rubies. The three Destroyer songs were great, esp. Bay of Pigs. I had my mouth open in shock but like smiling for the entire song, somehow. I was so excited to see it on the programs they handed out, it was the one thing I was most hoping to hear. He didn't actually play anything, just sang to a recording of the instrumental. It was amazing.

As apocalypses go, that's pretty good.

These are two different edits. The top one has the awesome intro lyrics, and a unique but kind of awesome ending. The bottom one has the closer to correct ending but omits some lyrics. Real thing is 13 minutes long and available.

I kept laughing to myself while listening to the words. Part of that may have been due to the weirdly funny photos that were projected on the screen of him during the show and faded around. But I don't think most people appreciated it. The only other people who seem to have written about the concert are this girl, who seems to really get Destroyer and wrote something pretty good about it, and then people like Mr. Big City, who wrote this hilarious review.

Bejar performed his piece “Bay of Pigs,” singing to an electronic backing track while standing under a screen with projected images. The results were a bizarre mess; Bejar’s lyrics are an inscrutable stream-of-
consciousness ramble with no opportunity for a possible rhyme left out, no matter how
awkward or ridiculous [...] the ideas are so terrible that it’s hard to conceive of something that is sincerely so unselfconscious, so egocentric and so lacking self-awareness.
Is it meant to be a parody? If so, it is deeply weird.

That was pretty hilarious. Let me point out that in the concert program, it described Bay of Pigs as a reflection on the 1961 American invasion of Cuba. Well, I didn't hear any lyrics about Cuba. It's either just a joke, or taken very very loosely. Just thinking about the Cuba interpretation is a little crazy.


Loscil provides some insight on their prep on his blog, and also put up a practice recording of Certain things you ought to know.

I think between Your Blues, This Night, Streethawk and Rubies alone there's a lot of my favorite songs. Also remember the lyrics too well, random things about jewel-encrusted roans.

Related but not related, here's some footage of bejar playing in Williamsburg a year ago, as part of Hello Blue Roses with Sydney Vermont... Most notable for how into it he seems to be.

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Here's the Bay Of Pigs lyrics:

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