Friday, April 10, 2009

Just finished Brightness Falls by Jay McINerney.
All I'd read was Bright Lights Big City -- is the word "bright" significant to him? I have to say I rarely go in for this sort of novel but really liked it, just picked it up and got completely fucking hook. I don't really know what else to say but the characters were very very alive.

Here's Jay on the right with Bret easton ellis back in the good ole days with Jay's girlfriend Marla Hanson the fashion model made famous after her psycho-rapist landlord hired two thugs to slash her face up with a knife. She made a good recovery and stayed famous. This picture post-slashing. Question: is Marla the basis of Corrine Calloway in the above-referenced novel, wife of Russell, the couple being the focus of the novel?
Marla certainly has an interesting look. Typically tilts her face to the right in photographs so the scar is less visible. You can see it in this one.

Left to right, Norris Church Mailer, Jay, Norman, and then Marla -- examine the line from her ear to her cheek. Jay and Norman seem to be wearing medals in this shot and have swopped wives/girlfriends. How interesting. Another question: is Bret the basis for Jeff Pierce in "Brightness", the drug-addicted badboy writer?

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