Monday, December 8, 2008


And then a rocket sprang and bang shot blind blank and O! then the Roman candle burst and it was like a sigh of O! and everyone cried O! O! in raptures and it gushed out of it a stream of rain gold hair threads and they shed and ah! they were all greeny dewy stars falling with golden, O so lovely, O, soft, sweet, soft!

Wanted to throw it up there on facebook in favorite quotes but realized anyone not a "fucking idiot per definition in certain circles" would think a quote about "cumming" is not the most snide way of attracting feminine sorts although who? I mean, can't a quote just as well mean ... that is to say... When you've read enough about people longing to kill themselves in a big death-orgasm with one giant bomb. Then you start seeing that P guy in a quote like this, don't you? After all why does it start with a rocket sprang. Why. Tell me that.

"the cry that has rung through the ages" last line to proceed that part of Ulysses -- Nausicaa I think? If i'm wrong brenda maddox feel free to correct me.

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