Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All the Sad Young Literary Men PT 2 Remix

Dear faithful readers I wrote a post a while ago about keith Gessen's novel All the Sad young literary men with initial reactions and vague allusions to specific scenes, characters, passages, without much summary or recap for the non-reader for which I apologize. Lets just all keep up why don't we. Since that time i've learned more about dear ole Keith nee Kostya who currently lives in Moscow with his grandmother but makes his way back to Brooklyn frequently to oversee publication of N+1 which I've now bought the most recent issue of although i can't seem to finish reading it.

It is certainly a cool magazine but I wonder what I think about keith as a person? Who puts himself on such a pedestal? Basic facts: harvard (like anyone fucking cares), 33 years old (respectable), did PHD studies and never turned in the final assignment at the end (...? cool, I guess), and seems to have read anything, everything, all writers,, and have opininos of sorts and the final word on all of them, and has referred to the magazine he with buddies established as less of a magazine and more of a "literary studies institution that exists in magazine format" and I can't complain it.

So after reading his book, which I "enjoyed" although it was like a "male version of chick lit" for its occasional moments that got "to" something real. Afterwards though I did not feel real pleasure in the memories that one should or the savory sweet sensation reconsidering the things that I had once read. And I read a book the managing editor at my paper, his novel, about 200 pages long, published by Xlibris, and maybe I'm one of the few to have ever read it, but here's the thing, essentially.

My editor's book which is not famous or read and never will be is essentially a rueful retrospective on years past and some younger days of his own life, seemingly one hundred percent autobiographical, mostly about travails with women, work, ideas, and with three main characters, all of whom quite clearly are representations of the author, my editor, Raanan. It was only after finishing the book and a few carefully placed inquiries that I realized literally ALL of the events in the book for the different characters -- its not like, this happened to him, this happened to his friend, etc; it all happened to him.

Now what is the difference between his book and Keith Gessen's? In fact gessen';s is almost the exact same fucking model, pacing, passage of time, and general theme (note: sad young literary men probably has one of the worst final lines of any good novel in the history of the earth).

So i'm just left wondering why, why, why.

the night of the [2000] election jillian and i stayed home and watched the results come in, and ate fancy pizza, and blogged away. When they call the election for lauren's father, I asked Jillian to marry me - it was corny, it was psychologically obtuse, but I couldn't think of a better way - and she said "Yes." She put on the ring I had bought her and added to her acceptance: "especially now that we'll have an environmental president who'll assure a future for our children." I kissed her.

God, that's bitter.

Let me put it this way. The other day, I picked up the book for the first time in a while and flipped through it, and loved it again. Saw some old memories and favorite parts. That was why I decided to write this post. And just now, at my desk in my shitty little apartment, flipping through it again, I try to relive that experience and put some good quotes in here, and I just can't seem to find any...what does that tell favorite parts ae still the parts in Israel.

Last detail. Some article about him referenced his girlfriend (?) emily gould who like helped start gawker or something. It mentions her youtube videos. Find a video of Jimmy Kimmel screaming at her on youtube about her website and how shitty is. Wow! Jimmy Kimmel is a fucking asshole in real life! Quite literally, I can't enjoy his show anymore. Why the fuck is he interviewing some girl from Larry King's seat? Who the fuck are you? "AWA, ON GAWKER StALKER...It SAID I WAS DRUNK ON 5TH AVE...I Was ACTUALly with my FMAILY...AND nNIIDD DIDDN"T FIND IT FUNNY AT ALLL!!" GO fuck yourself Jimmy. (That interview really pissed me off, funnyman, aka fuck face). (i'm glad sarah silverman broke upp with you. I actually think her show is funny.)

Then I see another youtube listing, emily gould 2. So I click it. Its a cell phone video of Emily Gould at some bar or rooftop party, about 15 seconds long. Basically, the camera is on her, there are rowdy guys all around her in the background, and she's like you wanna see something? And then like, basically deepthroat-sucks the neck of her beer bottle while everyone cheers like fucking fratboys. (mature ivy league new yorkers writers and internet entrepeneurs, they are not). Then laughing sluttily she says something like "my ex-boyfriend had a really big dick but all the guys i've dated since then have considerably smaller dicks... HAHAHAH.." end of video.

Anyways, a few weeks later I tried to see it again and it actually had been taken down. Someone had created an account solely to show that video. otherwise I'd embed it. I mean, its a little offensive, but at the same time its funny, feminist, and empowering for women's sexuality. ANyways, i wanted to record that it existed in history.

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Vanessa said...

Keith Gessen also lives in Moscow sometimes. He has a really obnoxious blog.