Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some interesting quotes and allusions....

Ketamine is sold in either powdered or liquid form. In powdered form, its appearance is similar to that of pharmaceutical grade cocaine and can be insufflated (referred to as a "Special K", "K", "Kellogs", "Ket", "Ketters", "Kenny", "Kevin", "Kitty", "Unicorn Dust", "Limp Bistro", "Lost Dust", "Dolphin-Friendly Crystal Meth", "Kez", "Kezbar", "Kestral", "Krang", "Rhino kez", "Blue Whale kez", "TPing it", "Donkey Dust", "Chimp Kustard" "Hostral", "Hosstrank", "Ketso", "Wonkey Donkey", "Kanimal", "Kaos", "Kezzy", "kShit", "Donkey Kez", "The K punch", "Shadowfax", "Kripple", "Regretamine", "Farmer", "Horse", "Hoss", "Cyber Smack", "Kezzle", "Kowbell", "Daisy", "Horse Tranqulizer", "Chon", "Kittens", "Stuphomine"', "Kizzle", "King Kong", "Kelamine", "K-Tard", "Treat", and "Tit Suckers"), injected, or placed in beverages.

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Musically, I'm wondering....

Why do I love The Streets so much? Why can't I stop listening to them?

The streets: widely agreed upon to be unworthy of American attention. Full of a lot of "shit"...

The new album, with its weird, extremely "soft" and "grimeless" sound, is a puzzle. First listening to it, I thought, I can't believe how gay his music has gotten. But of course, I bought it. There's a certain special pleasure in musicians whose career you've followed. When you've been there since the beginning, its almost like they're growing up with you. And Mike Skinner, despite what anyone could say about hating them, has done something new with every album. He is one of those people who legitimately pushes themselves forward over and over. I mean, the opera-like story album was the bomb. On the autobiographical album, apparently everything was true (I wonder about the line about "swinging a tv around by its wire" in a hotel room...?).

On this album, he didn't put any references to modern life in his lyrics. And also gets pretty philosophical and contemplative about various subjects. the lyrics, as a result, suffer a bit at a few moments (there are a few rhymes that stand out as really bad). But the music is extremely fucking catchy. I mean, "The Sherry End," is basically a song about going out to a bar with your friends, making up strange lingo and secret handshakes and telling stories, and it really, really turns the girls on, apparently. "Girls all love the lingo." Then "On the Flip of a Coin," is basically a song that's like, decide whether or not to kill yourself when you flip this coin. Skinner said he was going for parables... What is "The Strongest Person I Know" about? Lets be honest people, the song reminds me of my mother, and I imagine that Skinner wrote it about his mom too, although it could be a girlfriend. It makes sense that he would write a song about his mom though, since he has "Never Went to Church" about his father who died on the other record...

The thing about this crazy, hated-by-pitchforkmedia record, is that its incredibly fucking catchy. "The Escapist?" more like the BOMB. Fuck, all these songs are catchy as hell. And maybe the whole "philosophical meaning of life album at 30" is kind of pretentious, but somehow its good. And in a way, it just shows to me how productive and dedicated Skinner is. 4 full albums, pretty successful, plus his own label and promoting some of his friends, and he's only 30. The guy is a baller, and a lifer. I fail to find other fans of this guy except for New Jersey girls of a certain demeanor. I'm in bad company, but fuck it. I've always had bad taste, and I think this shit is good. anyways, here is one of the catchiest songs, and a good video. (yes, historically almost all of the streets videos are bad. This one is good.)

More lengthy quotes if you can't get enough.

Here's some food for thought.

Camille Paglia: I lost interest in the contemporary novel decades ago. While the novel as a genre seems vitally connected to British culture, where it continues to enjoy great prestige, mass media and popular culture are far more central in the U.S. I don't feel that American novelists as a whole have much to say any longer about the dynamics of this society. By the time the novelist addresses some crucial political, social, or educational issue, it's already flat and stale, because it's been treated in a thousand ways and many years earlier by our media.

Thus American novelists have drifted into thinly veiled autobiography, and because few of them have had any real life experience outside of writing programs or urban coteries, novels have become exhibitionistic memoirs, foregrounding every last banal or grisly trauma. It's just tarted up Oprah - a show, by the way, that I've watched from the start, even though it's become somewhat formulaic.""

I thought that was interesting and that this woman might be on to something until I found, later, this puzzling quote: "My first book, Sexual Personae, argued that cinema, prefigured in Plato, is the master principle of Western culture." Oh, cinema, prefigured in Plato. You mean the cave parable? What the fuck are you talking about? Master principle? Let's be honest people. I like good movies. But I hate movies, in general. I hate how stupid most of them are. And I hate how everyone in new york is an aspiring filmmaker or screenwriter. Film, in some ways, is the shittiest art form. I guess you could say that about a lot of things...fuck off, Paglia. Although about the first part, I think you're right? Or are you just a crazy, classicist, anti-modern, "old bastard?"

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