Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ayn Rand? more like rain hand

There's a hilarious thing on mcsweeney's parodying atlas shrugged for the modern era.

I really just love stuff that mocks atlas shrugged, which is incredibly easy. I can't help but recall pretentious blowhards telling me in high school in a "gasping" tone of voice that it was their favorite book and it was the best book ever written and then summarizing it rather quickly. I think it was a few years ago that I finally picked it up and maybe read 250 pages rather quickly before dropping it, never to ever pick it up again, perhaps because around then I read a review that summarized all my misgivings and feelings of disgusts. After all, I knew what happened at the end, and it didn't look like getting there would grant any additional pleasure. Never made it to the fountainhead. So yea, atlas shrugged fucking sucks.

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