Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Why is this book so amazing? Is it david mitchell's pitch-perfect impersonation of a Japanese 20-year-old? Is it how each chapter has its own device, its own unique extra narrative nested in the center? Perhaps...its how he disregards the Japanese language, shoving English phrases and untranslatable puns into his characters mouths...yet at the same time has them uttering a uniquely Japanese language? Why are all the reviews so hollow in comparison to this book?

....Ghostwritten is a good book, and has great moments, and clearly there are serious ideas behind it, but it's still, in a way, a first novel. Reading number9dream, you are basically pulled along a trippy dreamlike path into each unique chapter. The ending is brilliant. It resembles music in a way that few writers achieve. Part of the enjoyment is imagining Mitchell trying to entertain and thrill you on every page, and making his 2nd novel as enjoyable and pleasurable as possible.

The all-consuming hunger witch shrouds the study of tales.

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